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HuntsNT"Steve Reed is the owner of Dingo gun products. Steve makes all the product himself here in Australia, no mass production rubbish. Just a quick glance at his superb leather products with their robust stitching and you quickly determine Dingo is quality & made to last. The good thing about Dingo is that although Steve's products are top class they are very competativley priced. As professional hunting guides in the NT we use the Dingo Open Slide cartridge holder. It's very practical & adds an element of safety, giving instant finger tip access to 8 cartridges, and when the situation is hot, that's what we want. Steve's attitude to his business is probably summed up in a comment made to us " the day Dingo goes offshore to produce a cheaper but inferior product is the day I close the doors" Dingo, no compromise! and neither should you."
- Rob Gale, HuntsNT.


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